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通往有意义的职业生涯的旅程始于Pennco Tech. 帮助 学生校友 get the most out of their experience at our vocational school, 我们提供广泛的有用资源. Whether you need advice about selecting a program or help preparing for an upcoming interview, we encourage all 学生 和 graduates to take advantage of the support we offer. Learn more about the ways Pennco Tech can aid you in your journey to a rewarding career by exploring the available resources at our 布里斯托尔,爸爸, 和 布莱克伍德,新泽西, 校园.


在线工作的学生在Pennco Tech注册

在Pennco Tech,我们很荣幸能获得 职业院校认证委员会 (ACCSC) 和 to have our 红木 campus be recognized for its outst和ing services. 它被评为ACCSC 2018-2019卓越学校. 在申请自己选择的贸易澳门银河网站时, 学生 can feel confident they will receive a top-of-the-line education from a highly regarded institution.

一份令人满意的职业对每个人来说都有不同的意义. One individual may look forward to a position dedicated to helping others, while another individual may value a profession that offers great benefits. To accommodate 学生 with different interests 和 passions, 我们提供一系列的课程, 每个都以职业为重点的课程为特色. 我们的课程包括:


Healthcare continues to be one of the most in-dem和 employment sectors in the United States, 和 the need for qualified medical professionals continues to grow. Pennco Tech’s healthcare programs allow 学生 to gain the required educational training needed to apply for a variety of roles in this field. 我们的医疗保健计划包括:.

  • 医疗助理计划: An 18-week program that teaches essential skills through h和s-on education, this program prepares 学生 for a wide variety of roles.


Take your passion for automobiles 和 turn it into a career by enrolling in one of the automotive programs offered at Pennco Tech. Students can select a career path based on their skills 和 interests. 可提供的汽车程序包括:

  • 汽车技术计划: Learn cutting-edge automotive maintenance techniques 和 gain experience working with industry-st和ard equipment.
  • 碰撞修复计划: This six-month program instructs 学生 on how to successfully 修复 damaged vehicles. It focuses on panel installation, refinishing, frame straightening, painting, 和 other techniques.
  • 柴油技术澳门银河网站: 更好地理解如何服务, 修复, 并排除柴油动力卡车的故障, 公共汽车, 和 other commercial vehicles when you enroll in this program.


What makes Pennco Tech unique is the assortment of programs we offer. We aim to train the future workforce in key, in-dem和 trades. 我们提供以下贸易方案:

  • 电工澳门银河网站: Through classroom 和 lab training that addresses several important topics, 学生 prepare to become electricians 和 pursue related positions in just 26 weeks.
  • 管道及供暖计划: This 26-week program helps 学生 develop the necessary skills to become qualified for a variety of roles in the plumbing 和 heating industry.
  • 采暖、通风、空调, 和 制冷 程序: 取一个 deep dive into what it takes to become an HVAC technician or a related professional through this in-depth program.
  • 焊接程序: 为初级焊工岗位做好准备, 报名参加这个为期26周的课程, 先进的技术, 以及适当的安全措施.


安全始终是Pennco Tech的首要任务. Whether it be for our 学生 or other employers, we believe in creating safe workplaces for all. 我们提供 OSHA安全培训计划 to 学生, as well as employers within the local community.


If you’re a student currently enrolled in another vocational school 和 would like to switch to Pennco Tech, 我们让这个过程变得简单易行. 我们的 表达转移 process allows you to quickly transition into one of our programs, 确保你不会落后于你的目标. 这个过程包括三个主要步骤:

  1. 向招生部门的代表咨询.
  2. Sit down with a member of the education department to review your transcript.
  3. 和导师讨论一下 金融援助 您可能符合资格的选项.

取一个 虚拟之旅 of our locations to get a better underst和ing of what you can look forward to once enrolled at Pennco tech.


在Pennco Tech, our mission is to help current 学生 along with 校友 obtain a career they can be proud of. 即使毕业后,我们也提供广泛的 澳门银河网站 to help you apply for a job in hopes it will lead to a successful 和 rewarding career path. 我们的就业服务包括:

  • 协助撰写简历和求职信
  • 面试准备
  • 创造社交机会
  • 专业发展工作坊
  • Customized job searches based on your skills 和 interests

Pennco Tech的女孩力量

传统上,许多贸易行业都是男性主导的. Pennco Tech works to change this narrative by introducing the Pennco Tech的女孩力量 倡议. We encourage women who wish to pursue these roles 和 offer our support through this program. 我们的 goal is to foster the growth of women in traditionally male-dominated trades by increasing awareness around the career opportunities available, as well as making them feel more comfortable in pursuing these roles.

了解更多关于Pennco Tech可用资源的信息

Students 和 校友 who need assistance making informed decisions about their future can gain valuable insights by exploring the resources available at Pennco Tech. 我们也鼓励 高三学生,他们的 父母,学校辅导员,和 退伍军人 to learn more about what our vocational school has to offer. To find out about the additional ways Pennco Tech supports its 学生 or to learn more about our 布里斯托尔,爸爸, 和 布莱克伍德,新泽西, 校园, 澳门银河网站 今天.





我们的学生 接受经济援助
一天 & 晚上
Pennco Tech的布莱克伍德校区




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“我明白了。!!!!!我明白了!’, Anthony said as he raced into the 澳门银河网站 Office. 他在谈论他的新工作. 被一个从奔科科技毕业的人雇来的, Anthony will begin his new career with a two-day OSHA training course.

安东尼Z. 空调/供暖专业毕业生

我喜欢我所有的老师. 他们让它变得有趣和具有挑战性. 我很高兴在48岁的时候回到学校! 就业服务对我帮助很大. 丹妮尔很棒. 她帮我写简历,教我如何申请. 我得到了迪茨和华生的工作! Pennco Tech was the right choice for me as I get ready to start my career.

Mark E. -电气专业毕业生

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help…I just got a full time job at Kennedy Healthcare in Stratford, 作为病人服务代表. 再次感谢大家.

玛丽亚Z. -医学助理行政研究生